Thursday, October 4, 2007

Deciphering Trudeau

Whether it's Mega Memory, Miracle Cures or Getting Out of Debt no one can deny that infomercial king Kevin Trudeau is the master of marketing today's hottest trends. So when customers enter one of the shops, clutching the latest Trudeau bestseller and touting the praises of good ole Kev, it is with mixed emotion that I enter our interaction. Yes, I am very grateful to Kevin Trudeau for being brave enough to go head to head with the powers that be and I agree with many of his opinions about health. I love the fact that because of his newsletters, books, infomercials and radio shows many otherwise skeptical customers would never make it inside of one of our shops.

Depending on what Mr. Trudeau is pushing at the moment, sometimes my gratitude quickly turns to skepticism and occassionally downright irritation and frustration. (Coral calcium for example- but that's a whole other blog). It's great that Kevin finally revealed the actual names of all of the so called miracle cures, but c'mon $135 box of tea for balancing blood sugar????? I hate to see people ripped off and our industry already has it's fair share of miracle touting companies- I expect more from someone claiming to be "for the people."

So I've asked my good friend and fellow herbalist Lee Butler to help shed some light on the Trudeau Approach. In the next few months Lee will take a subject or product from the Trudeau collection and give you the pro's, con's, and other options from an herbalists perspective. Then you can make your own decision!