Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicago Chiropractor Knows Your Heart

He knows if you are emotionally eating. He knows if you aren't practicing forgiveness. But most importantly, he knows how to help you. Meet Dr. Brown. Chiropractor, B.E.S.T. practitioner, weight-loss coach, Beyond Organic champion.

After graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL in 1998, Dr. Clarence W. Brown III served as a Document Solutions Consultant/Account Manager with the Xerox Corporation in Schaumburg, IL for three years before attending Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO, where he graduated in December 2005. He has operated his own chiropractic practice since 2006 specializing in N.U.C.C.A., Weight Loss and B.E.S.T. health care.

Aside from providing chiropractic services, Dr. Brown possesses a genuine interest in the total body care of his patients, including insuring that their dietary deficiencies are addressed. When he discovered that many of his patients were struggling with their weight and were lacking in basic nutritional knowledge, Dr. Brown began sponsoring “Weight-loss Challenges” to both his patient base and the community. The programs that he offers last several months and group instruction on topics such as weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, detoxification, processed foods, healthy eating, supplementation, and exercise are provided to the participants.

Dr. Brown has been featured on The Today Show and featured in several Chicago-land newspapers, magazines and radio programs. He is the developer of the ground-breaking "8 Steps of Forgiveness." Not only is Dr. Brown concerned about meeting the immediate nutritional needs of his patients, but he is also on a mission to provide extensive education on the emotional root causes of disease so that the legacy of good health may be passed on from generation to generation. His highly acclaimed lectures and presentations on how thoughts and emotions affect health and weight have transformed the lives of countless individuals who have struggled with health and weight issues for years without any relief or progress. He has proven that combined physical, nutrition and emotional protocols are absolutely necessary for permanent weight release and physical healing.

Dr. Brown is a proud supporter of Jordan Rubin and the movement that Jordan has created with his new endeavor, Beyond Organic. The products that Beyond Organic offers are truly beyond the current USDA standards for organic foods. Dr. Brown and his team of health and wellness professionals are revolutionizing the way food is produced and consumed in the United States. There is a massive shift in the way people think today about food and wellness. This shift is leading to the healing of so many preventable diseases. Join Dr. Brown and his team of Food & Wellness Revolutionaries as they provide the tools you need to live your healthiest life possible!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Aerospace Engineer & Naturapath Knows Food

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Loving Your Lymph

I seem to be talking about the lymphatic system a lot these days.  It's my favorite body system and the unsung hero in maintaining optimal health.  Anyone that hangs out around me long enough, either by taking a class, stopping by the shop or just having tea, eventually all health conversations eventually lead to lymph.

For those of you that have taken classes with Dr Kim Balas and Steven Horne you are probably familiar with the concept of ABC+D.  Well when you give your lymph some TLC you hit all four principles.  Here's how:  It activates the emotional healing response, provides nutrient transport to build, assists with detoxification or cleansing, and works as a direct aid for many ailments.  I find working with the lymphatic system useful for respiratory issues, male & female reproductive challenges, and anyone struggling with multiple emotional blockages.  By the way, if you haven't take this course yet, I highly recommend it if you want to either be a better herbalist or just take better care of yourself.

So when working with the lymph where do you start?  Essential oils and flower essences are a great place to start.  When we talk about different organs holding on to specific emotions I find that the lymph system is very much connected.  So if you find you've been unable to work through a specific emotional concern look to adding some lymphatic support.

Herbally, I love Nature's Sunshine Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphomax and find adding these to any of your herbal protocols will enhance their effectiveness.  Manual lymphatic drainage is very useful.  It is a very light touch, noninvasive therapy, usually performed by a licensed massage therapist.  I personally had a breast fibroid disappear after just one session.

Making good food choices is critical if you want to maintain a healthy lymph system.  Avoiding commercial dairy products is huge.  Most of today's dairy products, organics included is very mucus forming and congests the lymph.  Choose raw dairy from a local farm and take some time to understand the A2 factor.  The Amasai from Beyond Organic seems to be working well for many people.

Lastly, I cannot say enough about the benefits of cultured whey for the lymphatic system.  I've been personally consuming the one from Beyond Organic (Suero Viv) consistently for the past six months and it has become my favorite elixir.  I still drink my kombucha and coconut water but as far as having an affinity for the lymph system nothing comes close.  It's my new "secret" ingredient that seems to be making my herbal protocols all work faster.   Also a great detox option, read my post on The Suero Cleanse.

Whether you are a natural health professional or someone looking to take better care of yourself, I can promise you that the more you understand and love your lymph the better you will look and feel.

Tampa's Going Green Guru

Living a green lifestyle is important to Lisa Custer, founder of Going Green. She has always strongly believed in recycling, reusing and avoiding consumerism. This is one of the reasons she started the website, and is a partner in The Recycled Jeans Shop.

Lisa wanted to help get the word out about eco-friendly companies and events in the Tampa area in order to attract the mainstream consumer. She has since been chosen as a 2012 recipient for the Earth Charter Awards and sponsored numerous eco-friendly events in the greater Tampa area.

Along with that, Lisa believes that we should be nourishing our bodies with the best foods we can get. Although she is not a vegetarian, she would forgo eating meat at most meals simply because she does not like the factory farm product. She wants to know where her food comes from and that it was raised in a clean environment. This has lead her to be a loyal customer at many local CSA's and Co-op's. Over the past year, she has found herself talking more and more about the importance of knowing your food source as well as learning more about a nutrient dense diet and educating yourself on the role that diet plays in our health.

She is encouraged by Beyond Organic’s mission of changing the way we eat and is excited to be with a company that is passionate about educating and nourishing the consumer. She chose to be a part of Beyond Organic because of the passion that Jordan Rubin has for health and the quality, benefits and convenience of the products. Her family enjoys the products and she doesn't have to worry about what is in it before she gives it to them.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Stop The Nail Fungus!

Combat unwanted nail fungus with JennScents Nail Fungus Serum! Plant based enzymes will nourish and hydrate cells, breaking down thick protein walls and combating fungus.  A combination of 100% pure essential oils offer antifungal, antibacterial, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties. Oregano is historically known to enhance circulation, fight against parasites and eliminate fungus.  Patchouli, often known for its grounding and balancing benefits, is a powerful antifungal, combating candida, parasites, yeast and athlete's foot. Check us out on Facebook for a special offer on this great product, just in time for the summer flip-flop season.