Monday, November 24, 2008

Jennifer Hochell speaks at Nature’s Sunshine National Convention (part 3)

Essential oils have many characteristics. All 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils are antibacterial and antioxidants. They vary in properties of antiviral, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc. essential oils are concentrated extracts that are distilled or cold-compressed (citrus) from roots, leaves, barks, flowers, berries, peel, seeds, wood, resins and bark. They are are 50-100 times more potent than their herb form.

To understand aromatherapy, it is essential to understand the olfaction process. Our olfactory system is responsible for our sense of smell (which is also responsible for how to taste). It is the one place where the nervous system is in direct contact with the external environment, at all times. Smelling begins by inhaling through the nose. The aroma vapors travel to the olfactory epithelium (special mucus membrane at roof of nasal cavity) where the odors penetrate and dissolve into this mucus membrane. The cilia (hair-like structures that are tips of olfactory nerves) grab and relay this information deep into the brain known as the limbic system. Essential oils contact the limbic system in less than 1 second when inhaled and within 1-3 seconds when applied topically. Every body is different and some people may respond faster to certain scents than others.

To really help others connect with aromatherapy and find the right scents for them, I conduct what I call Olfactory Sensory Testing™ (OST). Essential oils that work best for emotional and mental concerns are the ones that you like the most. Simply, waft an essential oil bottle from side to side under the nose, without touching the nose and take a deep breath. Do you like it? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, and 1 being the worst, where does the scent rank? I try to incorporate all of the oils that receive a 6 or higher into the custom blend. Of course, combine the amount of oils that you are comfortable with, whether 2 oils or 20 oils. When I am working with physical concerns, it is not as important to conduct OST as with emotional concerns

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Friday, November 21, 2008

School & Community Groups Needed for Winter Celebration

School Groups Needed for Winter Celebration at Cagan Crossings Town Center

The Cagan Crossings Town Center will be holding a Winter Celebration on Wednesday, Dec 10, 4-7pm. The event will feature food, music, blood drive and other entertainment.

Four Corners Charter School Dance Team will perform their holiday routine and students from the East Ridge band will perform holiday favorites. Anytime Fitness is hosting a Toys for Tots Drive and there will be kid powered steam train rides.

Applications from chorus, band, drama and dance groups from local schools, churches or other community organizations are being accepted.

For more information please contact Wendimere Reilly at the Herb Shoppe, 352-243-9005.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Life Story through Journaling

Have you ever taken a few moments to stop and think about the path your life has taken?
Our lives are filled with events, people and situations that shape us. What lessons have you learned along the way? Are you still learning some of these lessons? When we come to an understanding that we learn everyday, we are able to embrace each new day with anticipation, passion and awareness. Through the toughest times, this can be challenging.

Can we suddenly just figure things out?? Wouldn't that be great!
But, actually would we be cutting our self off from experiencing new adventures, people and situations? We continue to evolve each day and are given many opportunities to work on our inner health. So much energy and money can be spent by society on the outside health

So as we keep our minds and heart open, pay attention to those things around you and perhaps the deeper message. Ultimately, when we journal we listen to OUR voice, not all the other stimuli that fights for our attention. By getting quiet, we can listen to our inner voice and take that much needed time to reflect upon our life's story.

Join us for a Journaling Class on November 14th 5:30-7 p.m. Cost $35 Pre- registration required. 352 243 3588. The Clermont Herb Shop

Jennifer Hochell speaks at Nature’s Sunshine National Convention (part 2)

Aromatherapy Safety

There are some basic guidelines and safety precautions one should follow when using aromatherapy. Essential oils are a more concentrated form of herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, trees, bark and berries thus, less is needed. Essential oils are about 50-100 times more potent than its herb form. A few drops will be plenty to accomplish the results you are seeking. Her are some safety precautions I follow when using and blending essential oils.

1. Do not ingest.

2. Dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin. Undiluted essentials oils may cause irritation to the skin and should always be combined with a carrier before applying neat (or directly to the skin).

3. Citrus oils are photosensitive so avoid direct sunlight after use for at least 3-4 hours.

4. Use caution with pregnancy, high blood pressure, epilepsy and other serious health concerns.

5. Some essential oils may be too hormone balancing or heating for persons with these concerns.

6. If someone has an allergy to an actual plant or tree, they may have an allergy to the essential oil. For example, Chamomile is in the ragweed family so caution should be used for those allergic to ragweed.

7. Keep out of reach of children and those with dementia.

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Jennifer Hochell
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