Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Suero Cleanse

When it comes to cleanses, I have done them all! Herbal, juice, wheatgrass, lemon juice, colonic, emotional, technological... So when Jordan Rubin, author of Living Beyond Organic and founder of Beyond Organic (a new food company) suggested a Suero Fast, I said Game On.

The fast consists of drinking 8oz of Suero Viv (cultured whey/essential oil beverage) every hour for 12 hours. We tried it yesterday as a family- me, my dog, and husband. I could only get down 32oz and had to stop because I was worried if I drank anymore I wouldn't be able to sleep. My husband Bill was able to drink 80 oz- the goal was 96oz. My dog drank 4oz and then demanded dinner.

So, even from our partial fast (we ended up eating a couple of sardines and an sprouted grain english muffin w/raw cheddar) we felt great. Cultured whey (different from isolated whey found in protein drinks) has been used for centuries as an all over curative. It was made popular by spas and healing resorts in Switzerland.

Cultured whey is a great source of potassium, flushes excess sodium (ie, ladies- helps with swelling) and is great for the lymphatic system (cellulite is the first thing that comes to mind here.) Clearing the lymphatic system can be beneficial for things like allergies, breast swelling, menstrual disorders, prostate issues, swollen hands, feet and legs. To learn more about the benefits of cultured whey check out the writings of Christopher Vasey.

So, after my personal experience I decided to create a modified version of the fast and incorporate it into a whole body cleanse. You can do this cleanse with any of your favorite seasonal herbal cleanses or by itself. And remember, while you don't necessarily need to fast from all foods, making better food choices will only enhance the effects. So, watch the sugar, wheat, and alcohol.

Suero Cleanse
Start with 4oz of Suero Viv on Day One. Increase to 16 oz (one bottle) on Day Two and add one additional bottle per day until you reach 4 bottles per day for women/6 bottles for men. Stay on that amount for 2-3 days and then back down by one bottle per day. After that 1/2-2 bottles per day maintenance as needed.

A few things to expect might be increased bowel activity and urination. This has been the most common comment so far. Overall feeling of not being puffy, stagnant with increased energy, stamina and overall sense of well-being. Diminished food cravings, feeling of satiety. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

Keep in mind the standard disclaimer, check with your doctor first, info provided only for educational and entertainment purposes. We do not prescribe, diagnose or make any claims.

You can pick up Suero Viv at many Herb Shoppes, Chiropractic Offices, Natural Health Practitioner offices and other specialty groups. Order online at The Health Chic Market or find someone near you.

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Darla Miller said...

I've been drinking at least 2 bottles a day for the last couple weeks (along with a bottle of Amasai). I'll tell you what, I certainly am not hungry when I do this. It is very filling and I don't get the cravings to snack. Love this drink!