Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Florida Enforces Tomato Bleaching/Chemical Sanitizing

I love shopping at the local farmer's market and when it comes to choosing produce many times I will choose local over organic (especially if the organics come from half-way across the globe.) 

Today the sheriff's department raided the Plant City wholesaler's market (this is where the brokers pick-up their produce to take to local markets) confiscating all tomatoes that were not in boxes that have been certified as sanitized.

Apparently the State of Florida has decided to rigorously enforce guidelines for sanitizing Florida tomatoes, both organic and conventionally grown.  Read them for yourself.  I did contact the Department of Agriculture and they are working to try to get the guidelines changed for greenhouse and organics.  I will keep you posted.

Approved Sanitization Products (excerpt from A Guide to Tomato Good Agricultural Practices (T-GAP) &Tomato Best Management Practices (T-BMP)

a.  Peroxyacetic Acid - Peroxyacetic acid products currently registered by the Department, pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 487.041 and Rule 5E-2.031, F.A.C., may be used for sanitization if labeled for this use.  The directions for concentration of product and adequate contact time must be followed closely and recorded in writing.

b.   Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide - Aqueous chlorine dioxide products currently registered by the Department, pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 487.041 and Rule 5E-2.031, F.A.C., may be used for sanitization if labeled for this use.  The directions for concentration of product and adequate contact time must be followed closely and recorded in writing.

c.  Free chlorine - Products delivering free chlorine for overhead spray application may be used if the products are currently registered by the Department, pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 487.041 and Rule 5E-2.031, F.A.C., labeled for this use, and used at the  concentration of product and contact time stated on the label.  Records of procedure must be followed closely and documented in writing.

d.  Gas-phase and Aqueous Ozone – Gas-phase or aqueous ozone may be used for tomato packing if it can be shown through a reproducible scientific study that the product, if used at a stipulated agent concentration and contact time can achieve a minimum 3 log reduction of Salmonella or like organisms.  Additionally, the ozone generator must bear an EPA establishment number and must be labeled for this use on fruits and vegetables and the user must meet OSHA standards for worker protection.  Label directions must be followed and procedures documented in writing.

e.  Other Chemical Usage – Any other chemical product, proposed for use for tomato packing, must be registered by the Department pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 487.041 and Rule 5E-2.031, F.A.C., and labeled for this use.  Additionally, it must be shown through a reproducible scientific study that the product or process used can achieve a minimum 3 log reduction of Salmonella or like organisms.  Label directions must be followed and procedures documented in writing.    

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Homeschooler Program

Aromatherapy, Earthworms, Eating Healthy
Aromatherapy is part art part science.  It is a fun and interactive way to spice up the day and make learning fun.  

Earthworms are an educational and entertaining way to learn about composting and conservation.  

Making food fun is always a top priority when 
The Health Chic is around, so who better to help kids make wiser eating choices?


Just pick your topic and call to reserve your space.  Times and locations will be based on the needs of your group.  Cost is $5 per child plus material fee (varies $2-$5 per kid.)

For a list of other classes view the schedule.

Please RVSP either via email or by calling Cagan Crossings at 352-243-9005 or Haines City at 863-419-8584.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tea & Chat

Hear my tea tales from tastings around the world.  Photo features a traditional oolong tea ceremony that we participated in at The Tiao of Tea in Portland, Oregon.
Tea & Chat- Cagan Crossings- FREE


Tea & Chat, Every Friday, 5:15pm
This was the very first class that started it all back at my first Herb Shoppe.  Very informal, bring a lawn chair and your favorite teacup.  I'll bring the tea and we'll chat about the health benefits of drinking it.  

Then we'll talk about whatever is current in health news.  This Friday I'll get things started by sharing my favorite tips about food.  Plus, get a sneak preview about our new Organic Food Buying Club.

Please RVSP either via email or by calling Cagan Crossings at 352-243-9005.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Classes in Haines City & Cagan Crossings

Healthy Greetings!

Fall is near, the kids are back in school, and at the Herb Shoppes we've got new classes, just for you!
Come relax and learn how to save some money by making your own personal care & cleaning products.  

Need a field trip for your homeschool group?  Read about our new program for homeschoolers.

And have some fun with romance.  Add a spark back to your relationship with our newest passion party.  

This Fall, save money, save time, and feel sexy and fabulous!  
Click here for current class schedule.

Please RVSP either via email or by calling Cagan Crossings at 352-243-9005 or Haines City at 863-419-8584.
Intro to Aromatherapy- Thurs, Oct 1, 5pm
Learn history, safety, basic blending techniques.  Gain the confidence you'll need to start using essential oils to make your own personal care and cleaning products.

Natural Cleaning Products- Thurs, Oct 8, 5pm
Learn how to make your own cleaning products at a fraction of the cost using common household items and essential oils.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Natural Health & Herbal Certification Series 7-Week Course with Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Cost: $125 (includes manual); Early registration discount, $99, must register by 9/25/09

Instructor: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Date/Time: Every Thursday, 5:30-7p
Location: Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa

Week One: The ABC+D’s Of Natural Health 10/1
The Digestive System

Week Two: The Intestinal System 10/8
The Circulatory System

Week Three: The Immune System 10/15
Natural Health for Children and Pets

Week Four: The Respiratory System 10/29
Water & Air Purification

Week Five: The Glandular System 11/5
The Hepatic System

Week Six: The Nervous System 11/12

Week Seven: The Structural System 11/19
The Urinary System
pH Balancing Simplified
Weight Loss

This class will share information about the different body systems, how they interact with each other and recommended herbal supplements and essential oils to complement each system to obtain optimal health. The class information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Payment due at time of registration (non-refundable). Cash, checks (payable to Jennifer Pressimone) and Visa/MC accepted. Class dates and topics are subject to change with notice.

Call 352.243.3588 to register or for more information.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Build a Nature's Sunshine Business - Information Session at 2009 Clermont Herb Conference

Could you use an extra $100 per month? An extra $500 per month? We will be offering an important business opportunity session at the Clermont Herb Conference on September 12, 2009 at 4:00pm to show you how easy it is to share health with family and friends while earning money. Gain valuable tips and ideas from successful Nature's Sunshine Managers on how to build your own successful business - by simply sharing.

Nature's Sunshine offers a compensation plan that is unmatched, especially compared to sharing-based, group-building companies. You have an opprtunity to earn high retail margins, up to a 20% rebate and 40% in sponsoring commissions. Build your own business with no limitations to provide your family with a consistent, stable and unlimited income potential.

This session is Free and open to everyone. See you there!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tickets Available for Clermont Health Conference

Tickets on Sale Now for the 2009 Clermont Health Conference! Visit the Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa or Cagan Crossing Herb Shoppe to purchase your tickets - $20 per person in advance and $25 at the door (includes handouts and goody bags). The event will be held on September 12, 2009 from 9:00a-4:00p at Lake Sumter Community College, located 1250 N. Hancock Road Clermont,FL 34711.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clermont Herb Conference

Clermont Herb Conference 2009 Agenda

 9am- Welcome,  On-time arrival drawing 

9:10am- Thomas Easley- Herbs for Everyday Use

Understand how herbs work, safety, and quality.  Learn common and uncommon uses for popular herbal remedies.  We suggest you bring your NSP Comprehensive Guide for this portion of the workshop.

 9:50am- Panel Intro, Panel Discussion 

We put our guest panel to the test as we ask them pointedly, “If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one single herb, which one would it be and why?”

 10:05am- Q&A, Break

 10:15am Cleansing & Weight Loss- Thomas Easley

 Are you tired or toxic?  Could autointoxication be the root cause of body aches, fatigue, memory issues, poor immunity, skin problems, and weight challenges? 

This class will introduce you to basic, gentle whole body cleansing programs as well as more advanced cleanses targeted for special needs.

10:55am- Panel 

So how do our panelists maintain their ideal weights?  Learn real programs for real results. Whether you are an emotional eater, a carb addict, or if it just seems as if your metabolism has gotten stuck in reverse our panel will share their best strategies for getting you where you want to be.

 11:20am- Q&A, Break

 11:30am- Digestion- Thomas Easley

Good digestion is the key to energy, vitality, and overall good health.  So how do your digestive juices flow? Learn the importance of this system and how malfunctions can lead to everything from bloating, and reflux to arthritis and other degenerative aliments.

12:10pm- Panel 

Can your bloodtype affect your digestive system?  You bet, according to “Eat Right for Your Bloodtype” author Peter D’ Adamo. Do certain supplements work better for different bloodtypes?  Learn which ones might work best for you.

 12:30pm- Q&A, Lunch

 1:45pm- Super Human Syndrome

Are you superman or superwoman?  Are you the ultimate caretaker?  An overachiever?  Is it getting harder and harder to keep up with the demands of work and family?  Learn about the adrenal glands/nervous system and the connection between stress and good or poor health.  Then learn how to best nourish and care for this important body system.

2:25pm- Panel Discussion

Super Person Syndrome

Understanding Emotions & Heath

Using Essential Oils- Jennifer

The Food Connection- Wendimere

 3:05pm- Bringing it All Together- Thomas Easley

So how do you know how to get started? Incorporate the simple ABC+D approach created by herbalist Steven Horne of the Tree of Lite Institute to create just the right supplement program for you and your family.

 3:45pm- Panel Discussion

Our herb panel will share their favorite tips of how to know when to choose one supplement over the other.  They share their “insider” techniques for helping people help themselves choose the right supplement.

  4:05- Q&A, Closing prize raffles, Help fill orders

 4:15pm Optional Business Building Session

Learn simple ways to earn income with NSP’s high-quality products.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa Celebrates 10 Years

The Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa is celebrating their 10-year anniversary party on August 21st from 6-8pm. We invite you and your family to share in our special 10-year celebration as we say THANK YOU for your loyalty and patronage. We will have special giveaways, product specials, Kombucha tastings, Iridology, Skin Scanning, Face Mapping, book signing with The Health Chic, chair massages and Jennscents Aromatherapy Demonstrations. The first 100 attendees will receive a commemorative goody bag. Come early for a stroll downtown and enjoy a special Cheese Tasting at Cheeser's Palace and Organic Wine Tasting at Bacchus Vino starting at 5pm. See you at Clermont's Party of the Year! There will be something for everyone! We are located at 702 West Montrose St. in Historic Downtown Clermont, 352-243-3588,

Scentful regards,
Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Friday, August 14, 2009

Andrew Weil Comes to Central Florida

Join Dr. Andrew Weil in Orlando on September 26, 2009, at 7 pm. Dr. Weil will be presenting his new book, Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine that can Transform Our Future.

This is a great opportunity to meet and learn from one of the early pioneers involved in bringing natural health options to the general public.

Tickets are $40 for General Admission and $150 for VIP seating which includes a book, VIP reception, and VIP seating. This regional event is hosted by the Florida School of Holistic Living.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did you miss Earth Day?

Treat mom to something different and useful this Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 10th, Free

11am- Rain Barrels
Create and install a rain barrel from start to finish then learn learn how to attach it to a micro-irrigation system. Hands on demonstration.
Barrels are available for $30 each.

Noon- Composting
Step by step guide to starting your own compost system. Workshop starts with the basics of composting kitchen waste, then transferring it to an outside compost system.

Advanced composting topics include incorporating earthworms into your system and using compost for lawn and garden.

1pm- Aquaponics & Container Gardens
Create an edible and sustainable backyard by incorporating aquaponic and container gardening systems. See a working system in progress.

This is an outside location. Bring a lawn chair, sunscreen, and hat.

This event is possible through a grant from the Alafia and Peace River basin boards of the Southwest Florida Water Management.

The Health Chic House
12 N 5th St
Haines City, Fl 33844

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Day Celebration 2009, The Health Chic House

2009 Event Schedule
Saturday, April 11, 10am-6pm

There will be three classrooms set-up for this event. The outside classroom, the inside classroom and the inside front workshop. This schedule will be updated weekly, so check back for updates so that you may plan your day accordingly. Visit the Class Descriptions, Instructor Bios, and other activities for more information. All workshops are FREE unless otherwise noted. Class times and topics subject to change.

Outside Classroom- Room A
10:10am- Using Rain Barrels
11:10am- Florida Friendly Landscaping
12:10pm- The Slow Food Movement
1:10pm- Composting
2:00pm- Benefits of Earthworms
3:00pm- Organic Gardening
4:00pm- Micro Irrigation
5:00pm- Using Rain Barrels
6:00pm- Florida Friendly Landscaping

Inside Classroom-Room B
10:30am- Hidden Rivers of Florida Movie
12:00pm- Beneficial Bugs
1:00pm- The Meatrix Movie
1:05pm- Healthy Living Trivia Game
2:15pm- Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals Movie
3:00pm- Tips for Saving Water Inside
3:30pm- Choosing the Right Low Flow Toliet
4:30pm- Healthy Living Trivia Game

Inside Front Workshop- Room C
10:30am- Making herbal salves and oils
11:30am- Step by Step Guide to Starting a Garden
12:30pm- A Better Sip...the Buzz on Organic Wine & Coffee
2:15pm- Choosing Healthy Food: Local, Organic & In Between
3:15pm- Intro to Aquaponics

In addition to workshops, various exhibits will happen throughout the day. Visit Other Activities and our Exhibitor/Vendor page to find out what else is happening.

There are a few vendor spaces still available. Call Wendimere Reilly at 863-419-8584 for more details.

Don’t miss out on Earth Day Celebration 2010. Book your sponsorship and vendor space now for 2009 pricing.

Take the Pledge Today!

Earth Day is one of the signature events at The Health Chic House. Our event is held in partnership with the Haines City Park and Rec Dept, and Main Street.

This event has been made possible through a generous grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management Peace and Alafia River Basin Boards, sponsorship by Florida Refuse and other local patrons.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Classes at The Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa

Business Meetings Every Friday 5:30pm-6:30pm
Join Michele Boeddeker every Friday evening from 5:30-6:30pm to learn more about Nature's Sunshine Products. Discover how easy it is to share these products with your friends and family. Find resources and tips on how to develop your own NSP Business.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earth Day at The Health Chic House Haines City

Save the Date!
Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration at The Health Chic House will take place on Saturday, April 11th, 10am-7pm. There is already a full day of workshops and activities scheduled. See the list at Earth Day 2009.

We are currently accepting applications for vendors, workshop presenters, and entertainers. School/civic groups are encouraged to enter their Earth Day projects. Prizes will be awarded for creativity, content, and usefulness.

Visit the Photo Album to see the highlights from last year's event.

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, or for more information call Wendimere Reilly at 863-419-8584 or email

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Spa Specials at Herb Shoppe Cagan Crossings

Herb Shoppe Cagan Crossings February Spa Specials

Pamper yourself or the one that you love with one of our relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments for only

$50 per treatment

Choose from a one hour custom facial, one hour custom massage or a one hour Spa Sampler (facial/massage combo.)

Gift Certificates Available

Specials valid Feb 1-28, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Herb Shoppe Cagan Crossings at Chocolate Fest

Chocolate Fest
Wednesday, Feb 11th, 4-7pm
Tickets- $5 (tix on sale at 3pm day of event)

The Town Center at Cagan Crossings will be holding the first annual Chocolate Fest on Wednesday, February 11th, 4-7pm. Tickets are $5.00 each and go on sale the day of the event at 3pm. Ticket holders will visit participating Town Center merchants to receive their chocolate tastings.

Participating merchants include: Anytime Fitness, China 2, Goin' Postal, Herb Shoppe, Herme's Barber Club, NY Beauty Supply, Florida Blood Mobile, Four Corners Academy of the Arts, Simka's Sweets, Ricky Ritos, Rollin Dough Bake Shop, Xavier's, Posh Tanning, and Sabor Tropical. Be sure to arrive early as there will only be 100 tickets sold for this event.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Cagan Crossings Merchant Alliance and will be used to sponsor future community focused events. For more information visit or call Wendimere at 352-243-9005.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Classes at The Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa

Business Meetings Every Friday 5:30pm-6:30pm

Join Michele Boeddeker every Friday evening from 5:30-6:30pm to learn more abut Nature's Sunshine Products. Discovery how easy it is to share these products with your friends and family. Find resources and tips on to to develop your own NSP Business.

January 22nd, 6-7pm, $15, Clean Green

January 24th, 9-10am, $10, A New Year-A New You