Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beyond Organic on a Budget

I received a note from one of our team members this week expressing concern that eating whole foods and beyond organically seemed impossible to do given limited financial means. Not the first time that I have helped a mom desperate to feed her children healthy nutritious foods make some tough food choices.

Believe it or not, I have had to make those exact same decisions for my family over the past decade. I love being a small business owner but sometimes the allure of "only" a $10 per hour regular paycheck has its appeal. Having to close your business unexpectedly for a few days due bad hurricanes, a dramatic sudden decline in customers when gas prices hit an all time high and other financial woes have at times had me making those same tough choices. At the end of the day we each have to ask ourselves, "how much can I afford to spend on food today?"

One of Jordan Rubin's goals for his new company, Beyond Organic is one million people feeding their families for free. My team is made up of primarily moms on a tight budget that truly understand the importance of nutrient dense whole foods. Their challenge is either finding them, paying for them or both. Beyond Organic offers solutions to both dilemma's- great food delivered to your door and an easy, affordable business model to help pay for your personal consumption.

A $40 investment is all it takes to get started. The $40 package includes a state of the art website and shopping cart. By sharing the message of the value of these nutritious foods with friends, family, and co-workers it shouldn't be long before you receive your first paycheck.

With this first paycheck I would buy one case of Amasai. Wholesale cost is $5 per bottle, add a buck each for shipping and it works out to $1.33 per 2oz serving. 2oz is the size of most popsicle molds- try to spring for the BPA-free ones. Make Amasai popsicles for your kids. Share the idea with two of your friends or neighbors and talk about the health benefits (basic info, more to follow.) Then offer one of your bottles at the cost of $9 each. If their kids like it- and we all know that they will then they can buy their own case as a preferred customer from your website and save. If you sell 4 bottles then you've paid for two for your family. It's that easy.

Granted, two bottles of Amasai per month doesn't constitute feeding your family for free. But two bottles is better than none and all of a sudden a Beyond Organic small part-time business just became a lot more obtainable as far as time and financial investment. It might take longer to build this way but remember- this is a ground floor opportunity. Imagine where you can be in a few years if you start now.

To get your Beyond Organic business started visit our Team USA page to find one a local group.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pre-Order Beyond Organic Sample Packs

Just returned from a fabulous few days at the Beyond Organic Founder's Conference in West Palm Beach. We enjoyed samples of the cheeses, Amasai, Reign Water, and chocolate. We had the opportunity to pre-order sample food packs.

Business partners (Mission Marketers) are able to order up to 4 food variety packs until July 31, 2011. The shops and many of the Team Leaders have ordered extra in order to have sample packs available for customers.

Sample packs are currently available for pre-order for $30 (cash or checks only please.) Each pack contains 3 bottles of Reign Supreme Water and one of each of the following: Reign Awaken, Reign Veggie, Reign Fruit, Probiotic Chocolate Bar, SueroViv Citrus, SueroViv Berry, SueroViv Ginger.

Some managers may have Amasai, hot dogs, ground beef, and cheese available at additional fee. Customers will be able to place their own orders directly when the company launches in October.

Contact your local shop or Mission Marketer to pre-order your sample packs today. If you do not have a contact check out our Team USA page to find a local group.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beyond Organic Founders Conference Notes

Beyond Organic Founder's Conference was informative and inspirational. Lots of exciting news to share. One of our Team Leaders, Tina Carter took some excellent notes from the Wed Q&A session.

Beyond Organic Conference


· Give a Meal, Get a Meal: You can donate all you want, but you will only receive maximum of $10 back each month in the form of an e-gift card.

· International market: will be limited and won’t be available until 2013 or 2014. US is primary focus

· Will do training prior to launch and on-going training on internet and website use and maintenance

· MM can upgrade to higher package by paying the difference in price

· Since renewal for MM basic level ($39.95) is only $19.95, we should encourage people considering the Preferred Customer sign up to pay the additional $20.00 to upgrade so they can take advantage of commissions.

· If someone signs up the 1st – 15th of the month, their qualifying period is that month. If they sign up the 16th – 31st, they will have through the following month to qualify.

· Will make presentations and videos of the conference available – will post on U-Tube and back office

· Website: between now and the official BO launch, we will use the back office we currently have. Within 2 weeks we will have a link on our back office to register on line for either basic MM or the BB kit and another to order the founder’s packs.

· University: will launch after official BO launch and will have access from our website

· Founders kits: will receive by the end of October

· Communicate with your groups and get orders in asap. Will only be able to ship a certain number of packages in the first month, so, if you want to get your products in October, get the order in!

· If your order is placed early in the day, their goal is to ship it out that day. Ships from Kansas City so projecting 3 days maximum for deliveries.

· Place order on weekend to insure your order doesn’t sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

· Currently in negotiations with UPS and FedEx – very close. Will not charge extra for shipping, just what it costs them or less. Also will not charge for the packaging to keep the products cool.

· Tuesday, July 26th watch the TBN show (I think this was the date)

· New products will be launched at the March conference in Orlando!

· Will announce an Insider challenge . Winner(s) will be invited to spend a few days with Jordan at the ranch and the spring. Don’t have it all together yet, but will be announced soon.

For more information or to join our team visit our Beyond Organic Team USA page.