Saturday, April 20, 2013

Curcumin BP

Curcumin BP in the latest high-quality products from Nature's Sunshine.  Most people associate curcumin with inflammation, which is only one of its amazing benefits.  Inflammation is huge, but more importantly, this formulation with the addition of black pepper enhances its potency and bioavailability by driving it in deeper at a cellular level.

Curcumin, a rhizome in turmeric and part of the ginger family, has also historically been shown to inhibit joint tissue breakdown, protects liver cells and is a neuro-protective (for the aging brain).  Other buzz words associated with curcumin is cardiovascular, psoriasis, eczema, stiffness, back pain, immune and memory.

My personal testimony...started coming down with body aches and a migraine about 2 weeks ago. I took 4 curcumin (2 capsules one hour apart) and it helped my headache/migraine and body aches go away.  I was pretty impressed and have used for various inflammation and muscle soreness situations and have been very pleased. It has been easy on the digestive system and not bothered my IBS, rather has helped it.

I would say an important one to have in your Herbal Cabinet.

In health, Jennifer

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HERB TM said...

Also irritating to the gastric mucosa, has choleretic effect. Used for colds, fever, cough, external - in neuralgia, rheumatism, colds, cramps.
Stimulate circulation.