Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jennifer's Suero Cleanse

I love being a part of Beyond Organic.  It is an amazing company by Jordan Rubin (Maker's Diet & Garden of Life) that offers food direct from his farm to our doorstep.  Their SueroViv Cleanse has really helped enhance my health and changed my life! 

SueroViv is a whole food, living cultured whey beverage with organic juices, honey, and essential oils.  It is a distinctive fusion of ancient tradition and modern style. Utilizing a lost treasure from antiquity, SueroViv marries the virtues of cultured whey and Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water, impeccably flavored with the essential elements of health that hydrate your body and fuel your passion for life.

It contains probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and provides calcium for bone strength, potassium (oxygenation to the heart, kidney health) and B vitamins (for stress).

My top 15 reasons why I love SueroViv and what it did for me:
1. Increased energy
2. Improved skin and acne issues
3. Better and more restful sleep
4. Reduced female issues
5. Better heart health (calmed my heart palpitations, better stamina with exercise)
6. Reduced joint and muscle pain and stiffness (especially after work outs)
7. Improved appearance of my hair (and it seemed to grow more)
8. Curbed my appetite and I felt satisfied
9. Better brain focus, concentration and memory recall
10. Reduced sinus issues
11. Reduced stress (able to manage tough situations with ease)
12. Improved lymphatic movement, decreased "stuckness"
13. Weight loss (in those tough areas - gut and thighs)
14. Improved digestion, didn't bother my IBS or Crohn's
15. Improved immune function, felt stronger

If you want more information and to learn the details about the SueroViv Cleanse from Jordan Rubin, visit  To get started, talk to the person who shared this blog or visit

Happy, healthy Suero Cleansing!   Experience SueroViv and renew your whey of life.

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